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Using QR Codes For Acts Of Kindness

We believe that kindness is the most powerful, accessible, and underrated agent in human change (and brand success). Expressions of kindness can bring people closer together. In a business like yours, it connects people to you and your brand. Our RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ QR code is a customer incentive program that is designed to give people the opportunity to create memorable, meaningful, and positive experiences in your place of business.

Kindness inspires trust – one of the most important factors that influence consumer choices. Our RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ program embraces the power of small gestures. With just a simple QR code, your customers can practice kindness and build a sense of community in your business. As customers interact with a business committed to kindness, brand loyalty and customer engagement easily follow.


There is no business without people. Passionate employees and engaged customers make a meaningful place of work. At Feel Good Promotions, we help businesses make a lasting and positive impact by putting people first.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ is a collaborative program that gives people the opportunity to do good deeds for others. PAY IT FORWARD®️ QR codes can be added to the branding of products which will then allow shoppers to kindly gift products to a stranger, a friend, or a charity.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ QR codes can also be featured on products to offer a variety of opportunities for consumers to interact with.

QR Codes: How To Share Kindness

Imagine receiving a text message saying that you have received a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS®️. With QR codes, all products can become RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️. Here’s how it works! 

  • A customer in a participating store decides that they want to do a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS for another unsuspecting customer.
  • The customer can use the PAY IT FORWARD®️ QR code for their chosen product.
  • The product will be matched by the computer system to another upcoming customer who has the identical item in their shop order. 
  • The recipient customer will be notified on their docket that they have just received a  RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ (R.A.O.K®️) with their item being already paid for.


Customise any of the QR codes with your brand and promote kindness your way.

QR Codes in Action

As kindness means so many different things to different people we have been developing our KINDNESS™️ QR code marketing platform for all eligible businesses, companies and organisations to use in their own way.

An accounting business might like to add the KINDNESS™️ QR codes to their marketing materials to help promote good deeds within their communities and showing kindness in action with attached video’s linked to the QR codes.

An organisation supporting animal welfare or animal adoptions might feature KINDNESS™️ QR codes on their promotional material and brochures to spread awareness and promote kindness for pets or endangered animals.

A cafe or restaurant could choose to feature KINDNESS™️ QR codes on their menus, packaging or takeaway coffee cups. They might choose to use these QR codes as a way of allowing customers to PAY IT FORWARD®️ with meals or drinks for a stranger, friends or a charitable cause.

A university or school might want to utilise KINDNESS™️ QR to better connect with teachers and students.

What the QR codes can offer:

  • RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ QR codes can increase customer engagement, help to further humanise brands, increase community goodwill, and most importantly increase company sales!
  • PAY IT FORWARD®️ QR codes create a platform for the giving and receiving of gifts for customers, by customers. Customers could also choose to GIFT IT FORWARD™️ by using the QR code to give to charities and people in need.
  • All products can become potential RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ with QR codes. Imagine for a moment receiving one or more of your groceries items for free as a gift to you through the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ customer incentive program.
Our Vision For KINDNESS®️

With our various marketing opportunities connected to KINDNESS®️ marketing, we are dreaming to empower people and businesses all over Australia to be kind. We are currently building a marketing model that can be replicated by brands across the country! The Feel Good Promotions’ approach is to make the licensing of KINDNESS®️ products and services an inclusive opportunity so that all eligible businesses, companies and organisations can participate. Co-branding onto existing products and services with the use of PAY IT FORWARD®️ QR codes enables KINDNESS®️ to be marketed in a variety of ways to different people. At the end of the day, we are hoping to spark meaningful connections and infuse everyday experience with real life magic: kindness.

Who We Are

At Feel Good Promotions, we offer social licensing that makes a difference. We give organisations like yours the opportunity to show that you are committed to kindness. Known for our Kindness stamp of approval – THE BIG ORANGE K™ – we can promote your business and help you establish a kind identity.

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