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Get Involved With Kindness: Be The Change

Everyone can be kind at heart.

Choosing to be kind and committing your brand to kindness can make a positive impact on people’s lives. Not only does this make your brand memorable, but it also empowers your customers and target audience to be kind as well. Join us in an active community dedicated to making a difference with kindness.

Kindness changes the world.

Kindness is one of the simplest, most accessible, and powerful agents of change. Whether it be in life or in business success, acts of kindness can go a long way.

Your business functions in close interaction with its community. The way you conduct it can have a real influence on various stakeholders. One of the most effective ways to make a positive contribution to the community and grow your business at the same time is to practice kindness. By focusing on giving instead of taking, you can find yourself truly successful.

Kindness builds relationships. 

Most businesses’ primary focus is on the value of their products or services. We wouldn’t blame them, it’s usually business 101! Sadly, there are times when these businesses fail to remember that it’s not all about the “what”. Rather, it is about the “who”. 

Remember that in business, people work with people: from employees and customers to stakeholders and partners. Kindness improves the quality of these relationships. It can make the people working with you more committed and driven. For customers, it can establish brand loyalty and engagement. Kindness is not a legal or regulatory requirement to do business, but it is critical in adding value to people’s lives and building lasting relationships with them.

How can you share kindness?

If you’re all set and ready to commit your brand to kindness, we’re here to help you out! Our RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ QR code is a customer incentive program that is designed to give people the opportunity to create memorable, meaningful, and positive experiences for your business or organisation. Expressions of kindness can bring people closer together. In a business like yours, it connects people to you and your brand.

Our RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS®️ program embraces the power of small gestures. With just a simple QR code, your customers can practice kindness and build a sense of community in your business. It is a collaborative program that gives people the opportunity to do good deeds for others. PAY IT FORWARD®️ QR codes can be added to the branding of products which will then allow shoppers to kindly gift products to a stranger, a friend, or a charity.

Sample Campaign Materials

Join The K is for Kindness™️ Family

It’s no secret that shoppers are becoming more selective of where they shop and the businesses they support. Many customers are choosing to only support organisations that support kindness. When someone wants to find a business that promotes positive values, they turn to us.

When you join the K is for Kindness family, you let potential clients know that your business focuses on spreading kindness. Clients, customers and the wider community who invest in your products or services are assured that they’re supporting an organisation that pays it forward and goes the extra mile to consider others’ needs.

Your Journey into Kindness Marketing Starts Here

By displaying THE BIG ORANGE K™ mark in your store and on your website, you let stakeholders know that your business is committed to treating everyone fairly. You prove that all parties benefit from transacting with you.

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    Here’s How We Help!

    K IS FOR KINDNESS™️ helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to others with THE BIG ORANGE K™ and our various incentives. If you want potential clients to know that you are on the side of kindness, sign up with us. We will provide you with our kindness branding and showcase your brand on our site with a link to your offers for added credibility.