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Turning Millions into Billions of Kind Deeds across Australia

K is for Kindness™

Welcome to K is for Kindness! An act of kindness can change a person’s life. It is a simple yet powerful agent in life and in business success. In our K is for Kindness initiatives, we give organisations and businesses like yours the opportunity to incorporate kindness into your corporate identity. For those who join, we use our iconic kindness stamp of approval –  THE BIG ORANGE K™. And the opportunity to customise the KINDNESS™️ QR codes to promote kindness your way relevant to your brand.

As a business owner, you might be wondering what it would mean for your brand to be a part of the K is for Kindness campaign. We know that conventional marketing efforts typically focus on showing the added value of your products and services. That’s why expressing kindness and other corporate values can be a challenge. The K is for Kindness campaign can demonstrate your organisation’s dedication to social responsibilities. Brand loyalty and customer engagement easily follow a business committed to kindness.

Get The Big Orange K Stamp of Approval!

When you sign up to K IS FOR KINDNESS™, you will receive your marketing pack including QR codes, and logos. Your customers will then be able to recognise your business as a facilitator of the Random Acts Of Kindness™️ customer incentive program and a member of the K IS FOR KINDNESS campaign! 

After you register with us, we will advertise your business on our site. This can give your brand the platform needed for added credibility and exposure. Potential clients who need products or services from companies that care will also easily find your business.

Want to see real business growth that starts with kindness?

How does it work? Like the many meanings of kindness, you can use the QR codes your own way! Adding the KINDNESS™️ QR codes to your marketing materials can spread awareness and promote good deeds.  At the same time, you can encourage people to be a part of the campaign for kindness by featuring KINDNESS™️ QR codes on menus, packaging, or store products. 

QR codes expand the opportunities of your customers to interact with the campaign for KINDNESS™️. All products can become an instrument of kindness with QR codes. Joining the program is one step closer to an even more empowered and kind community across Australia.


Our QR codes program embraces the power of small gestures. By simply scanning a code, your customers can practice kindness and build a sense of community in your business. There’s nothing like kindness to connect people with your brand.

The KINDNESS®️QR CODES is a collaborative program that gives people the opportunity to do good deeds for others. It makes your business a meaningful and positive place in the community. On your end, the campaign can increase both customer engagement and product sales for your business.

Kindness can be seen everywhere. That’s why we developed the KINDNESS™️ QR code marketing platform the same way. We made sure that any eligible businesses, companies, and organisations will be able to take part in the program. 

Food and Beverage Companies?

Use QR codes on your product packaging to promote a Kindness® marketing campaign!

Own a restaurant or cafe?

Use KINDNESS® QR codes on your menus, windows, coasters, and more.

Work in an accountants office?

Use KINDNESS® QR codes on your documentation, business cards, and more.

Work for an animal charity?

Use KINDNESS® QR codes on your website, brochures, and more.

Work in retail?

Use KINDNESS® QR codes on your shop windows, at the register, and more.

Is education your passion?

Use KINDNESS® QR codes to help connect with students and teachers at school or university.
QR Codes In Action

Making A Difference

Kindness brings people together. It sparks meaningful connections and makes experiences memorable. Business owners and managers often underestimate the difference that kindness can make within their organisations. Some people mistakenly view putting people first as a less effective alternative to a task-oriented approach.

In reality, kindness deserves a place in every business there is.  It is a critical element of corporate values, as it affects employees, customers, and the public. If you want to make a difference, kindness should be integral to your business’s operations. 

Genuine expressions of kindness establish brand loyalty and increase customer engagement. Corporate kindness also boosts the productivity of your employees. All in all, kindness can sustain growth.

Looking for That Kindness Stamp of Approval?

K IS FOR KINDNESS™️ is social licensing that makes a difference. We help your business demonstrate its passion for others. Signing up with us will showcase your dedication to kindness and the other core values that this philosophy embodies. Lastly, THE BIG ORANGE K™ will remind your employees what it means to be kind to each other and your clients.

After you register with us, we will advertise your business on our site. Here, potential clients who need products or services from companies that care will find your business.

Contact us today to get started on real business growth that starts with kindness!

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