Love makes the world go round. And kindness is love made visible.

Welcome to K IS FOR KINDNESS™️! In our campaign, we give organisations and businesses like yours the opportunity to show that you are on the side of kindness. It is our utmost belief that everyone has the potential to change the world and kindness is the way to do it. With our kindness stamp of approval, THE BIG ORANGE K™, and our QR codes, your organisation or business can join us in making a difference.

We can help you set your brand apart in the K IS FOR KINDNESS™️ campaign. Conventional marketing efforts typically focus on showing the added value of your products and services. That’s why expressing kindness and other corporate values can be a challenge. The K for Kindness campaign can demonstrate your organisation’s dedication to social responsibilities. This means we can help you bring in more customers, engagement, and brand loyalty in the long run.

K IS FOR KINDNESS™ is the platform for customers giving and receiving Random Acts Of Kindness™️. This means more outlets, more kindness opportunities for customers to Pay It Forward™️ for others.

What do we want to achieve?

We started K IS FOR KINDNESS™️ with a dream: to encourage people to be kind. Providing the right avenue and opportunity for people to do so is what we believe to be the path to our vision. Our various marketing opportunities connected to KINDNESS®️ marketing are designed to empower people and businesses all over Australia to be kind. 

We are currently building a marketing model that can be replicated by brands across the country! The Feel Good Promotions’ approach is to make the licensing of KINDNESS®️ products and services an inclusive opportunity so that all eligible businesses, companies, and organisations can participate. At the end of the day, our goal is to spark meaningful connections and infuse everyday experience with genuine kindness.

What exactly do we do?

When you sign up to K IS FOR KINDNESS™, we will link your business on our website for added credibility and exposure. This serves as a quality avenue of advertisement. Potential clients in need of products and services are more likely to take action, motivated by your commitment to kindness.

After you register with us, you will receive your marketing pack including QR codes, and logos. Your customers will then be able to recognise your business as a facilitator of the Random Acts Of Kindness™️ customer incentive program and a member of the K IS FOR KINDNESS campaign!

QR Codes In Action

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Who created the campaign?

Mark Ricks – Queenslander, former career paramedic, hobby inventor and most recently, social license entrepreneur, has been around the ridges. He passionately believes that the world needs more kindness, and he plans to make his world (and your world) a better place using the K is for Kindness™ platform.

Show Us Your Kindness