What is the K is for Kindness campaign?

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to encourage kindness in all its forms.

Think Fairtrade coffee, Thankyou water, or Who Gives a Crap toilet paper – social enterprise catering to the conscious consumer is a successful business proposition that also helps society and charity.

But how can each and every enterprise make their customers feel like they’re choosing the greater good, without totally reinventing their business model?

Enter K is for Kindness™.

As a social licensing campaign, we’re providing you with a platform to demonstrate that your business is committed to kindness. It might be through charitable initiatives you already undertake (but don’t have the opportunity to talk about), or it might be something new to you.

What is social licensing?

The concept has been around for some time – it’s a growing public awareness that businesses should be at the forefront of positive changes in society.

Customers ‘vote’ with their feet, and their dollars, for those businesses that earn that respect and trust, or ‘social license’, for their commitment to kindness in all its forms. 

Who created the campaign?

Mark Ricks – Queenslander, former career paramedic, hobby inventor and most recently, social license entrepreneur, has been around the ridges. He passionately believes that the world needs more kindness, and he plans to make his world (and your world) a better place using the K is for Kindness™ platform.


Show Us Your Kindness