The Campaign

Get Involved With Kindness

Your business functions in close interaction with its community, and the way it conducts itself can have a real influence on various stakeholders. One of the most effective ways to make a positive contribution to the community and grow your business is to practice kindness. You will see success when you focus on giving instead of taking.

Kindness is not a legal or regulatory requirement to do business, but it is critical in adding value to your customers’ lives and building lasting relationships with them.

Want to Join the K is for Kindness™️ Family?

It’s no secret that shoppers are becoming more selective of the stores with which they do business. Many customers are choosing to only support organisations that support kindness. When someone wants to find a business that promotes positive values, they turn to our site.

When you join the K is for Kindness family, you let potential clients know that your business focuses on spreading kindness. Clients who invest in your products or services can rest assured that they support an organisation that pays it forward and goes the extra mile to consider others’ needs.

Show Us Your Kindness.