Join – Consumers

How can I make Kindness contagious?

Every day is a new opportunity to be kind. One way is to use your purchasing power–the products and services you choose to buy have an impact.

Choose businesses that have THE BIG ORANGE K™

If your favourite hangouts and retailers display THE BIG ORANGE K™, you’ll know they are committed to deliberate, continuing kindness. Part of your purchases will go towards their kind actions.

So keep an eye out for THE BIG ORANGE K™, and choose to buy with those businesses, knowing you’re investing in kindness. You can also choose to ‘pay it forward’ if that’s your thing, or purchase K is for  kindness goods or services.

And if you don’t see the Big Orange K™, let them know what they can do!

Let people know what you’ve seen

Word of mouth works. So, when you…

  • choose a Kindness product
  • buy from a Kindness retailer
  • notice kindness in action, no matter how small

…this is your time to shine on social media! Use the kindness to spread the word about the campaign.

Show Us Your Kindness.