Join – Businesses & Consumers

Are You a Business Owner Who Produces Products?

If your business creates products, your clients want to know kindness is an integral part of all your operations – from the acquisition of raw materials to the treatment of workers.

By displaying THE BIG ORANGE K™ mark in your store and on your products, you let stakeholders know that your business is committed to treating everyone fairly. You prove that all parties benefit from transacting with you.

As a retailer, you can also join the Pay It Forward™ or Random Act of Kindness™ incentive. These initiatives will show potential customers that you live and breathe generosity, which will give you improved social licensing.

Do You Own a Café that Supports Kindness?

If you own a café, you are in the ideal situation to spread kindness with not only your customers but also your servers and other staff. Patrons prefer to support a warm environment where they feel welcome and where the staff is happy and well-treated.

Join, A Cup of Kindness™ program for food and beverage retail businesses to demonstrate your commitment to thoughtfulness.

Are You a Consumer Aware of What You Buy? Support Kindness Today!

As a modern shopper, you have endless options when it comes to product and service providers. However, you only want to support companies that are committed to carrying out kind actions. These organisations deserve recognition for treating everyone with dignity.

Look for businesses that display THE BIG ORANGE K™ to ensure that you only invest in kindness. Then, share the product or retailer with like-minded friends and family who also prefer to support businesses on the side of making the world better.

Here’s How We Can Help!

K IS FOR KINDNESS™️ helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to others with THE BIG ORANGE K™ and our various incentives. If you want potential clients to know that you are on the side of kindness, sign up with us. We will provide you with our kindness branding and showcase your brand on our site with a link to your offers for added credibility.