Providing Meals for People in Need – With Moo & Coo

Pay It Forward Meals Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

When Paid Forward, The Meals Are Enjoyed By The Receivers

Known as Rockhamptons best and more affordable Op Shop, Moo & Coo is situated in Reaney Street. With a dedicated team of fifteen volunteers, Moo & Coo strives to assist domestic violence survivors who are starting a new life and to aid our communities homeless. Moo & Coo are proud to be initially community funded, so when you purchase or donate you are directly supporting our community. Moo & Coo continues to support with Clothing, Food parcels, linen and kitchen packages as well as dignity and baby packs. Moo & Coo directly support other agencies within the region in an effort to support our community’s tomorrow with a smile.

Meals Paid Forward are Made by Golden Finch

Providing Meals for People in Need





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