Kindness Event Organiser

Feel Good promotions has one tangible product at this point in time- a 600ml bottle of Kindness® spring water. However, the marketing aspects in relation to festivals and company promotions are not limited to bottled water. The opportunities for businesses, companies and organisations to connect their name with the Kindness® brand not only promotes their particular business, company or organisation but spreads a worthy reminder throughout Australian society- to remember kindness.

We provide Kindness® bags for festival events. This is a great opportunity for businesses, companies or organisations to provide a bag filler in support of such events. Again, this is a simple way for the greater business community to connect their name to a positive event.

Captain Kindness® and Kindness Girl® are mascots for the Kindness® food and beverage brand; whilst they do make visits, these are normally done in relation to Kindness® promotions.

If you have a task or mission for Captain Kindness® and Kindness Girl® to complete, please contact us through our website to discuss.