Join – Businesses

How can my business join the campaign?

There are so many ways your business can show Kindness – whether you’re a franchise, a multinational or an entrepreneur just starting out. We haven’t scratched the surface yet.

Talk to us  about your ideas for spreading kindness further. How many ways can you get involved?


This is your starting point. Register with the campaign to let your world know that you’re on the side of kindness. Just like showing that you’re all about Quality or Safety, or that your products are Made in Australia, THE BIG ORANGE K™ demonstrates your corporate social responsibility initiative.

Show us your Kindness™

Your starting point is committing to charitable giving from your business.
Ready to take it to the next level? Here’s a few ways –

  • Pay It Forward™ – any business can set up this incentive program. Let’s talk about how you can get involved.
  • A Cup of Kindness™ – are you in the food and drink retail business? Here’s a great program for you.  Or do you have a not-for-profit organisation? Co-branding can really boost your next campaign.
  • Random Act of Kindness™  – absolutely everybody deserves a RAOK™. What could this incentive program do to draw in your customers and spread kindness?