Captain Kindness®

By day, Cory works as a security officer in a large public hospital. One afternoon, Cory noticed a family struggling back to the hospital car park. A gentleman was carrying flowers and other personal items, encouraging the small boy by his side to keep up with him. Cory saw an opportunity; stepping in, he offered his assistance to both the man and young boy. It became evident that the man was deeply upset and he informed Cory that he had just lost his wife.

Cory helped by leading the little boy back to the car- “Stay with me little guy until your dad opens the car door. Car parks can be dangerous and people driving may not see you”, Cory said. The little boy (realising Cory’s large build and muscled arms) replied “Excuse me, you are big and strong. Are you like Superman?”.

Cory thought this was very sweet and was quick to inform the boy that he was the security man, not Superman but that he did like being kind to others.

“Superman is kind to people to”, said the young boy. “I think that I am going to call you the Kind Man.”

Cory was reflecting on his chance encounter with the young boy. His innocent comments about Superman being kind brought Captain Kindness® into existence!

His powers

By showing up at any time, willing to help others, he has the power to brighten peoples day! He hopes that others will take up this call and that through kind acts, the world will be changed for better!

His alter ego

When he is not Captain Kindness®, he is keeping people safe in his role as a hospital security officer.