About us

Mark Ricks

Feel Good Promotions ( Kindness®) The story behind the brand.

Founder Mark Ricks wants to create pathways for building strong business and community relationships. With this in mind, Mark created the Kindness® brand to create marketing promotions that have a Feel Good approach to people and products.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Feel Good Promotions aims to connect businesses, companies and organisations, through festival events, food and beverage products.

The Kindness® brand focuses on people while communicating a simple underlying message that helps to promote a kinder society.

The Kindness® brand superhero mascots Captain Kindness® and Kindness Girl® help market Kindness® in a very relatable and fun way.

Mark Ricks has worked for the Queensland Ambulance service for the past 30 years as an Ambulance paramedic. Mark is a Goodwill Ambassador for World Kindness Australia.

  • Cory Ricks

    Security Officer of a large public hospital, Cory is physically strong with a calm nature. He excels at de-escalating stressful and tense situations and is very considerate of others’ feelings. He is also Captain Kindness® when off duty.

  • Grace Ricks

    She is a registered nurse who loves people. Gentle by nature, Grace fills the role of Kindness Girl®.